Published Translations
Immigrants detention centers in Italy 2012/08/02
Immigration Policies in Italy 2012/07/11
Women denied rights in Italy 2012/04/22
Freedom to read, or Censorship Italian Style 2012/02/02
The Women’s Movement “Se non ora quando” 2011/10/14
The Revolts of Migrants in Lampedusa and Pozzallo 2011/10/14
Common Goods
The No-TAV Struggle in the Susa Valley 2011/10/14 [fr] [es] [de]
Free Republic of Venaus 2011/10/14
Around the fortress 2011/10/14
The No-Coal Struggle in Vado Ligure 2011/10/14
Opposition to the People Mover project in Bologna 2012/06/11
Valle Occupato 2011/10/24
Brief history of TAV Turin-Lyon project and of the struggle against it 2011/10/24 [fr] [es]
The garbage crisis in Campania 2011/11/15
The Education Warfare (1994-2010) 2011/12/12
The Base Unions in Italy 2013/06/05
Factory women 2011/10/20
The Struggle of Migrant Workers in Nardò 2011/10/14 [fr]
Vinyls workers struggle in Sardinia 2011/10/20
The Education Workforce 2011/10/14
Italian Politics
Movimento Cinque Stelle 2011/10/31  [pt]
Northern League: those weasel idiots 2011/11/04
Casa Pound Italia 2012/02/03 [fr] [es]
Movimento 5 Stelle – Updated Version 2013/02/25
“Hands on the city” – How Milan became ‘Ndrangheta new capital 2012/02/17  [pt]
[Translation] The Di Canio case: children are watching 2013/04/23

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