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The actual Italian results of the European Elections

On the morning of May 27th, with the almost definitive results of the European election in Italy, the Wu Ming Foundation published a thread of tweets with their first thoughts on the election results. They then decided to republish them, … Continue reading

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[en][Translation] Wu Ming’s interview “Beppe Grillo lives on the ruins of the movements”

This interview by Roberto Ciccarelli appeared on Il manifesto and on Wu Ming Foundation’s blog, Giap. A spanish translation is available on fakepolitik.net. This is an interview by Roberto Ciccarelli, whom we thank, and it appears in today’s (Friday’s) issue … Continue reading

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[en] [translation] Grillo’s Movement has been defending the system

Article by Wu Ming New updated version – translation by SII, copy-edited by Giulio Sica and Wu Ming 1 Translators’ note: The following text is a translation of a short article written by the Italian writers’ collective, Wu Ming, on … Continue reading

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[translation] Genoa 2001 and the 10×100 sentence: Paths of Glory

Wu Ming 4, from the writing collective Wu Ming, has commented on the conviction of five militants charged with “destruction and looting”, for the incidents that occurred during the anti-G8 demonstrations in July 2001. It is important to underline that … Continue reading

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[en] Occupy Rome. The Day After

After the Riots After the protests in Rome left 70 injured and millions of damages, the Italian movement questions its own strengths and limits. Several readings of the event have considered the unleash of violence as a “defeat” for the … Continue reading

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