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[en] New trial over Stefano Cucchi’s death in custody

Italian newspapers, media and people on social media have started talking about Stefano Cucchi’s death again. That’s because the results of a legal report about the causes of his death were published on 4th October, suggesting that he died because … Continue reading

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[en] Stefano Cucchi, killed by police and drug prohibitionism

On June 5th, after four years, sentencing in the Cucchi case has finally taken place. The court gave one doctor a two-year prison sentence and the five others 16 months. The guilty will be on parole, though, rather than going … Continue reading

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[en] Genova, 2001: 11 years later, a bitter sentence

On the 5th of July the Italian Supreme Court convicted thirteen police heads involved in the brutal raid at the Diaz-Pertini and Diaz-Pascoli schools of the 21st of July 2001. Most of them, who were previously cleared, received convictions of … Continue reading

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[en] 75000 no, but government goes straight on

On saturday 25 february a new notav demonstration took place. Protesters marched for over 8 km, from Bussoleno to Susa, passing toward the zone where the international station of Susa and the entrance of the main tunnel are supposed to … Continue reading

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[en] Cut it out! Storify on 23rd oct demonstration in Susa Valley

Demonstration in Susa Valley aimed to open a breach into the fences made with iron nets and concrete. Symbol of the non violent attempt became nippers, to cut the nets. Playing with the words: nippers, scissors, cutting and sewing, a … Continue reading

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[en] October 23rd: NoTAV demonstration in Susa Valley

No-TAV committees call for a demonstration on sunday october the 23rd in Susa Valley. The declared intention is to cut the fences installed nearby the small town of Chiomonte, in order to host the police forces which have to protect … Continue reading

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[en] Occupy Rome. The Day After

After the Riots After the protests in Rome left 70 injured and millions of damages, the Italian movement questions its own strengths and limits. Several readings of the event have considered the unleash of violence as a “defeat” for the … Continue reading

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