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[en] Minister of Labour Elsa Fornero is Welcomed in Naples by 3000 Protesters

More than 3,000 students and unemployed workers demonstrated on November 12 in Fuorigrotta, a neighborhood of Naples, as a protest against Elsa Fornero, the Minister of Labour, and Francesco Profumo, the Minister of Education, who were in town to attend … Continue reading

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[en] Court orders closure of ILVA steelworks for environmental damage

In recent days there were rumours circulating in Taranto, one of the biggest coastal towns in southern Italy, about the court-ordered closure of the ILVA plant, and workers had already started protesting. On July 26 it became official. A judge … Continue reading

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[en] Macao

Torre GalFa is a 31-story high-rise built in the 1950s. It stands in the middle of Milan, at the intersection of via Galvani and via Fara. On May 5, the building (empty since 1997) became the site of the Europe’s … Continue reading

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[en] Occupy Liberazione

The policies of austerity are already taking their toll, and “Liberazione,” the official newspaper of the Italian Communist Party (PRC, now under the wider grouping “Federazione delle Sinistre,” Left-Wing Federation), might be an early victim. The newly formed government Monti … Continue reading

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[en] Deconstructing the public image of Roberto Saviano

Roberto Saviano has become an international icon of Italian struggle against Mafias. His most famous book, Gomorrah, can be found in bookstores in almost every corner of the planet while the movie inspired by it brought to an international audience … Continue reading

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