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[en] Death of Don Gallo: communist priest who fought for rights for all

Yesterday, in his own city of Genoa, Father Andrea Gallo died at the age of 84. A “street priest”, as he liked to be called, he was much loved by the Catholic and non-religious left for his political and social … Continue reading

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[en] Not Jolly: Genoa dock workers protest after the disaster

Two workers are still missing and seven were found dead at the Port of Genoa, after the Jolly Nero, a cargo ship, hit the pilots’ control tower on the night of Tuesday May 7. The city is in mourning. There … Continue reading

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[en] Police officers guilty of G8 brutality ineligible for community service

On April 29, 2013, the Surveillance Court of Genoa dismissed alternative community sentences for Vincenzo Canterini and Gilberto Caldarozzi, two of the high-ranking police officers responsible for police brutality and the fabrication of false evidence during the 2001 anti-G8 protests … Continue reading

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[translation] Genoa 2001 and the 10×100 sentence: Paths of Glory

Wu Ming 4, from the writing collective Wu Ming, has commented on the conviction of five militants charged with “destruction and looting”, for the incidents that occurred during the anti-G8 demonstrations in July 2001. It is important to underline that … Continue reading

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[en] Genova, 2001: 11 years later, a bitter sentence

On the 5th of July the Italian Supreme Court convicted thirteen police heads involved in the brutal raid at the Diaz-Pertini and Diaz-Pascoli schools of the 21st of July 2001. Most of them, who were previously cleared, received convictions of … Continue reading

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[en] 10×100: sign the call

GENOVA IS NOT OVER TEN, NO ONE AND THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND A CALL TO CIVIL SOCIETY – SIGN THE PETITION The way public order was managed during the G8 days of July 2001 in Genoa remains an open wound in … Continue reading

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[en] A blurred picture emerges from local vote in Italy

While European social-democratic forces celebrate the victory of the socialist Hollande in the French Presidential race, the administrative and mayoral elections held in Italy seem to provide a more blurred and nuanced picture. Berlusconi’s party, the PDL, dramatically lost consensus, … Continue reading

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[en] Murder attempt inquiry to be dismissed over G8 facts in Genova

Mark Cowell is a British journalist who went into coma after being beaten by the police in Diaz school in Genova, during the 2001 G8 meeting. The public prosecutors declared the aggression to which Cowell was subjected as “brutal” and … Continue reading

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[en] Fincantieri boatyard workers on protest in Sestri Ponente

When attracked at the harbour of the small post-industrial town of Savona, Costa ships dominate all the landscape. Capable of hosting thousands passangers, they look like floating Las Vegas, white and brighting dream cities that will cross the seas to … Continue reading

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[en] Occupy Rome. The Day After

After the Riots After the protests in Rome left 70 injured and millions of damages, the Italian movement questions its own strengths and limits. Several readings of the event have considered the unleash of violence as a “defeat” for the … Continue reading

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