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[en] 500 logistics workers march through Bologna

At least 500 people joined the demonstration organized by the Si Cobas union in Bologna, to protest against the layoff of 50 logistics workers who have been involved, over the last few months, in harsh struggles for fair salaries and … Continue reading

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[en] Minister of Labour Elsa Fornero is Welcomed in Naples by 3000 Protesters

More than 3,000 students and unemployed workers demonstrated on November 12 in Fuorigrotta, a neighborhood of Naples, as a protest against Elsa Fornero, the Minister of Labour, and Francesco Profumo, the Minister of Education, who were in town to attend … Continue reading

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[en] School students mobilise across Italy

On October 5th, school students took to the streets in dozens of cities across Italy in protests which saw burning of electoral cards, police baton charges and many arrests. The date was launched in the last days of the No … Continue reading

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[en] 75000 no, but government goes straight on

On saturday 25 february a new notav demonstration took place. Protesters marched for over 8 km, from Bussoleno to Susa, passing toward the zone where the international station of Susa and the entrance of the main tunnel are supposed to … Continue reading

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[en] Omsa workers call to boycott

In 60 days, in Faenza, North of Italy, 239 Omsa workers will lose their jobs and their redundancy payments. One of the most important Italian textile productive centers will eventually terminate its activities. Omsa is one of the most important … Continue reading

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[en] Fincantieri boatyard workers on protest in Sestri Ponente

When attracked at the harbour of the small post-industrial town of Savona, Costa ships dominate all the landscape. Capable of hosting thousands passangers, they look like floating Las Vegas, white and brighting dream cities that will cross the seas to … Continue reading

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[en] Teatro Coppola occupied in Catania

In june Valle theatre in Rome, in September the Marinoni theatre in Venice and now Coppola theatre in Catania as well is occupied. ” We reclaim the right and a duty to take up and care for a common good … Continue reading

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[en] Christmas on protest for night trains workers

They are equipped with thermic blankets and other tools to protect themselves from the terrible winter of Milan, and they are determined to resist. A group of workers from Servirail and Wasteels (the two rail companies that cover the night … Continue reading

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[en] No Coal Day

Saturday 29 was set as worldwide ‘No Coal Day’: demonstrations in many countries aimed to draw attention on the human and environmental health damages caused by coal-fired power stations. Italy decided to decommission its five nuclear power plants following a … Continue reading

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[en] Police repress student’s protest in Rome

The 3rd of November a students protest was planned in Rome. The demonstration has been named ‘Take the streets, take the future’ and opposed both Italian government measures against the crisis (which heavily involve public school) and the prohibition of … Continue reading

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