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[en] Update about Castelnuovo Scrivia migrant workers’ struggle

Two months into their struggle, the migrant workers at Castelnuovo Scrivia have started up new strikes. On August 3, the workers demonstrated at Alessandria, where they enjoyed the support not only of the labor union, political party and associations that … Continue reading

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[en] The struggle of migrant workers in Castelnuovo Scrivia

Forty migrant workers have been protesting in Castelnuovo Scrivia (in Piedmont, in the district of Alessandria) since June 22. The workers, who originally came from Morocco and were employed for the harvesting of zucchini, pumpkins and other seasonal products at … Continue reading

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[en] [translation] What we have understood by visiting the Susa Valley

[DISCLAIMER: This appeal has been circulating in Italian on the following website: We are simply providing a translation.] We have been in the Susa Valley, among its inhabitants: schoolteachers, farmers, retired people, students. This is what we have seen: … Continue reading

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[en] The Pitchforks Movement in Sicily

  What’s happening A strike and blockade action has started the 16 by the association representing Sicilian truck drivers (Associazione Imprese Autotrasportatori Siciliani) and soon collected support and spread among fishermen, farmers, builders, unemployed and other categories. The action is … Continue reading

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