[en] Update about Castelnuovo Scrivia migrant workers’ struggle

Two months into their struggle, the migrant workers at Castelnuovo Scrivia have started up new strikes. On August 3, the workers demonstrated at Alessandria, where they enjoyed the support not only of the labor union, political party and associations that joined their cause from the beginning, but also of the Don Gallo community, as well as that of many private citizens.
The third round of negotiations was insufficient, as is evidenced by the fact that the workers are striking again. Lazzaro, the owner of the farm, twice violated the initial agreement that was reached through the CIA’s mediation efforts (Italian Confederation of Farmers). However, wages have not been paid in their entirety, some of the workers have had their contracts terminated, and further contracts are on the verge of being terminated. Lazzaro offered 100,000€ (to be divided among 40 workers who are also waiting to be paid in full) in exchange for giving up the preemptive right to renew the contracts.
For these reasons, workers began to strike again on August 1st, at the same time blocking trucks that were meant to transport vegetables for their sale. The following questions have been raised by protestors: How is it possible for Lazzaro to pay 13 newly-employeed Indian workers to do the same work for which he cannot afford to pay already-existing employees? And why does he expect the latter to work for no pay?
In the meantime, the striking workers are being sustained by a “resistance fund” begun by BSA Pavia, which has involved itself in their struggle. According to the fund’s organizers, the point is not the geographical origin of the workers, but their exploited conditions, which are like those of so many others in the agricultural sector and beyond. For this reason they are asking supporters who can afford to do so to make a contribution through the Postepay Card 4023 6006 2358 1008.

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