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[fr] Manifestations de solidarité avec le peuple de Gaza dans toute l’Italie

Les italiens se sont réunis à la vague de solidarité internationale envers le peuple de Gaza souffrant maintentant des conséquences des bombardements israeliens. Le 16 Novembre un sit-in spontané a été observé à Rome devant Palazzo Montecitorio, le batîment qui … Continue reading

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[en] Solidarity with the people of Gaza all over Italy

Italians have joined the international wave of solidarity with the people of Gaza, now suffering the consequences of the Israeli bombings. A spontaneous sit-in happened in Rome in front of Palazzo Montecitorio, the Chamber of the Deputies building, on November … Continue reading

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[en] European strike: a list of (about) all demonstrations in Italy

Agrigento: demonstration outside the prefecture. Alessandria: in the bankrupt city, the protest was led by public employees, demonstrating against cuts by the central government. Ancona: approximately 1.000 people (students, workers, migrants) marched through the city. The movement part of the … Continue reading

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