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[en] Why is coronavirus killing so many people in Italy?

[Updated on 31/03/2020] Coronavirus is hitting all around the world, but there’s no doubt that one country has been hit more harshly that any other: Italy. While the death tool has passed the 12.500 mark, about four times China’s, outside … Continue reading

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[en] Clashes during International Workers’ Day in Turin

The annual celebration of International Workers’ Day in Turin has become an occasion for activists to organise protests against local Mayor Fassino (PD, Centre-Left): an episode that is particularly telling of the divide within the spectrum of left-wing forces in … Continue reading

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School workers protests in Torino

Two different protests have been put on by school workers in Torino in 3 days. The first, on Saturday 21st, took place in front of the ‘Teatro Nuovo’ where the ministers Profumo (Education) and Fornero (Labour) were taking part in … Continue reading

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