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[en] A blurred picture emerges from local vote in Italy

While European social-democratic forces celebrate the victory of the socialist Hollande in the French Presidential race, the administrative and mayoral elections held in Italy seem to provide a more blurred and nuanced picture. Berlusconi’s party, the PDL, dramatically lost consensus, … Continue reading

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[en] Clashes during International Workers’ Day in Turin

The annual celebration of International Workers’ Day in Turin has become an occasion for activists to organise protests against local Mayor Fassino (PD, Centre-Left): an episode that is particularly telling of the divide within the spectrum of left-wing forces in … Continue reading

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[en] Italian Government doesn’t obey to Italian laws

Marisa Meyer (photo) is 67 years old, to walk she needs the help of a crutch, her hands tremble, but on 11 April she succeeded in fooling about 400 policeman who were patrolling the yet-to-come-building-site for the Torino-Lyon TAV. She … Continue reading

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[en] [translation] What we have understood by visiting the Susa Valley

[DISCLAIMER: This appeal has been circulating in Italian on the following website: http://siamostatiinvaldisusa.wordpress.com/2012/03/02/siamo-stati-in-val-di-susa-e-abbiamo-capito/ We are simply providing a translation.] We have been in the Susa Valley, among its inhabitants: schoolteachers, farmers, retired people, students. This is what we have seen: … Continue reading

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Updates over Susa Valley and No Tav protest

Since No-Tav activist Luca Abbà was injured on February 27, protests in the Susa Valley have escalated, reaching a new heights. Soon after Luca’s fall from a high-tension pole, the highway was suddenly blocked by No-TAV protesters. More solidarity rallies … Continue reading

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[en] No Tav Luca Abbà severely injured while resisting to an expropriation

No Tav activists were not expecting the police to expropriate until the following night, but they came in the morning, after an urgent order by the Prefect. On Monday 27th February they started to build the fences to enlarge the … Continue reading

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[en] 75000 no, but government goes straight on

On saturday 25 february a new notav demonstration took place. Protesters marched for over 8 km, from Bussoleno to Susa, passing toward the zone where the international station of Susa and the entrance of the main tunnel are supposed to … Continue reading

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[en] Solidarity with the NOTAV arrestees: updates

The solidarity for the NOTAV movement does not stop. Against the arrest of 25 people, last week, NOTAV demonstrations took place in various Italian cities. In Milan, on Friday and Saturday the 17th and 18th of February, about 3000 people … Continue reading

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[en] Resume of Italian News 1-10 february

The reform of Italian labour market is the top priority of Monti’s Government. The key themes of the current political debate are the improvement of job flexibility and the controversial reform of the article 18 of workers’ law, to dismiss … Continue reading

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[en] No-Tav demonstration in Torino

Saturday 28 January 2012, two days after the police blitz in which 41 no-tav activists were arrested or subject to precautionary measures, the “no-tav” movement demonstrates in Turin against that judiciary action with a march of about 10 thousands persons. … Continue reading

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