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[en]”Siamo tutti clandestini”: Migrants demonstrate against racism and exploitation (Photos)

Despite heavy rain, around 1000 people marched through the streets of Bologna on 23 March 2013, in a general demonstration against the Bossi-Fini law, a restrictive law on immigration from 2002. The demands were clear: The guarantee of a residence … Continue reading

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[en] Bologna: from culture to evictions

Bologna, once a city of culture, is now a city of evictions. For many years, the city of Bologna has been an icon of good administrative practice and culture. After 50 years of almost uninterrupted left-wing governments (first under the … Continue reading

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[en] School and anti-fascist demonstrations, November 24

On November 24 2012, three different demonstrations took place in Rome and in other cities. In the morning, two separate rallies marched through the capital, both protesting against cuts in school budgets. The first was led by the COBAS union, … Continue reading

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[en] 14N European strike: Bologna

Four rallies, involving 10,000 people, crossed Bologna as part of the European general strike on 14 November 2012. The rallies left at 9 a.m. from different parts of the city, marching along all major streets, from those of the university … Continue reading

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[en] School students mobilise across Italy

On October 5th, school students took to the streets in dozens of cities across Italy in protests which saw burning of electoral cards, police baton charges and many arrests. The date was launched in the last days of the No … Continue reading

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[en] Bologna remembers the victims of 1980 fascist massacre

Yesterday, as every August 2nd since 1980, citizens, political organizations, and various institutional representatives marched through the streets of Bologna to remember the massacre that struck the city during the terrible years of terrorism. 32 years ago a bomb was … Continue reading

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[en] An overview of Italy after PM Monti’s first six months

A strange and dramatic demonstration took place on 4 May in front of a tax office in Bologna, where a 58-year-old bricklayer burned himself to death on 28 March. Because the protest was organized by the wife of the deceased, … Continue reading

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[en] Students protest against President Napolitano in Bologna

On Monday, the 30th of January, the University of Bologna has had a very special guest for the opening of the academic year, the Italian Head of State Giorgio Napolitano. Around 250 students and far-left activists protested against him for … Continue reading

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[en] Repression against occupations in Bologna

Bologna’s warm autumn has begun with three new occupations started on the 11.11 but local government promptly repressed two of them, clearing the protesters out of two the Sabin highschool and the Arcobaleno cinema. In the morning of the 15.11 … Continue reading

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[en] 11.11.11 protests in Bologna end with three occupations

The results of the 11.11.11 protest demonstrations in Bologna are something that the city had not seen in many years: three different new occupations now have born in the very centre of town, claiming for the right of the people … Continue reading

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