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[en] Journalists Banned from M5S’s Electoral Rally in Rome

It all started with an Alan Moore-inspired V-Day in September 2007 (although, in this case ‘V’ did not exactly stand for vendetta, but for the most famous F-word of the Italian language), and it was supposed to end tonight with … Continue reading

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[en] il manifesto lives, Pubblico closes, Liberazione is back: update on the Italian mediascape

Contrary to our report in December, the 40+ year history of il manifesto did not end abruptly early in 2013. On December 28, 2012, the Ministry of Development reached a last-minute agreement with a new cooperative. The deal allows this … Continue reading

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[en] Goodbye, il Manifesto

After four decades, the Communist newspaper Il Manifesto is closing. The news was rumored in February and confirmed in May; a final announcement was made on December 17, on the homepage of the newspaper. Founded in 1969 as a dissident … Continue reading

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[en] L’Aquila’s earthquake trial: scientists as politician’s puppets

Bernardo De Bernardinis (left), former assistant chief of technical offices of Civil Protection Current news headlines in Italy concern the 6-year prison sentence given to seven scientists and officials found guilty of manslaughter. All were involved in the seismic activity … Continue reading

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[en] Economic crisis hits Berlusconi’s television empire

Since it was founded in 1970, Berlusconi’s media conglomerate Mediaset has played a key role in the businessman’s rise as a political figure. Through television, Berlusconi established his leadership of the Italian center-right-wing electorate, using the media both as a … Continue reading

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[en] Occupy Liberazione

The policies of austerity are already taking their toll, and “Liberazione,” the official newspaper of the Italian Communist Party (PRC, now under the wider grouping “Federazione delle Sinistre,” Left-Wing Federation), might be an early victim. The newly formed government Monti … Continue reading

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[en] Pogrom in Torino

It all had started from a lie, and ended up in a fire. A 16 years old girl living in Torino, nearby the new stadium, told her parents she had been raped by two persons and that they were probably … Continue reading

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