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[en] The current situation of North African refugees in Italy

On February 28th 2013, the Italian Government declared the end of the so-called North African Emergency. Almost 17,000 refugees have managed to obtain a temporary residence permit since the exceptional wave of immigration began in 2011, following the Arab Spring. … Continue reading

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[en] The battle for Middle Earth is being fought in Bologna: Blu’s new painting defending social space XM24

Bologna is burning, while just outside its ancient walls a battle is being fought, under the single eye of Sauron, looking down from one of the two towers that are the symbol of the city. On one side are the … Continue reading

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[en]”Siamo tutti clandestini”: Migrants demonstrate against racism and exploitation (Photos)

Despite heavy rain, around 1000 people marched through the streets of Bologna on 23 March 2013, in a general demonstration against the Bossi-Fini law, a restrictive law on immigration from 2002. The demands were clear: The guarantee of a residence … Continue reading

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[en] Racist massacre in Florence

The facts Two men were killed and three were severely injured today (December 13, 2011) in Florence, where Gianluca Casseri, a far-right extremist, opened fire on a group of Senegalese street vendors. After a verbal disagreement with a Senegalese street … Continue reading

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[en] Pogrom in Torino

It all had started from a lie, and ended up in a fire. A 16 years old girl living in Torino, nearby the new stadium, told her parents she had been raped by two persons and that they were probably … Continue reading

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