Struggles in Italy in search of new talent – join us!

Are you interested in life and struggles in Italy today? Do you enjoy reading our posts? Our tweets? Looking at our pictures? We’re looking for people to join us.

We provide information about Italian struggles. We cover political activism, education, culture, the environment, workers’ and community struggles, the mafia, the media and mainstream politics.

Struggles in Italy is a collective. We have the blog, a Twitter account and a Pinterest board. The blog works like this: someone has an idea for an article and perhaps writes the first draft and it’s edited by a number of people working together. Sometimes the article’s translated.

We work mainly in English at the moment but you certainly don’t have to have excellent English. We’ve also worked in French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. We’re keen to expand our output beyond English.

The project is two years old now. We’re looking for new people to work on writing articles, editing articles, translating them into other languages, finding pictures. Could this be you? Get in touch – we’re waiting to hear from you.

If you’d like to play a part in the critically acclaimed Struggles in Italy project, don’t wait, contact us now.

About Struggles in Italy

We strive to give an international echo to Italian social movements and to promote information and awareness in languages other than Italian. Twitter: @StrugglesItaly Facebook: Struggles In Italy
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