Struggles in Italy is two today!


Struggles in Italy is two today!

It all began with a discussion which turned into a manifesto which then became a website. Our project now turns two.

The Struggles blog is starting to look how we imagined it, as a small and dynamic dictionary of Italian struggles. It provides deeper reflection on stereotypes and on subjects which appear straightforward at first glance but, in fact, are not at all.

We have dossiers on different topics from education to transport to fascism. We’ve written many posts covering many topics, from migrant struggles and the refugee emergency to the rise of Grillo’s party and the Letta Government. We’ve written about last November’s European Strike, the ILVA workers’ struggle, the repression of the NoTAV movement and much much more.

We can proudly say that we’ve exposed a whole slice of Italy. We’ve made local struggles much more visible so they can be studied and sense can be made of them. Our perspective is different from the mainstream media’s.

This is just the beginning. There’s much more to be written about and explained. We renew our appeal for writers, translators, editors, proof-readers to join us. Enthusiasm and expertise are both appreciated – in any language.

About Struggles in Italy

We strive to give an international echo to Italian social movements and to promote information and awareness in languages other than Italian. Twitter: @StrugglesItaly Facebook: Struggles In Italy
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