[en] 500 logistics workers march through Bologna

From Radio Città del Capo

From Radio Città del Capo

At least 500 people joined the demonstration organized by the Si Cobas union in Bologna, to protest against the layoff of 50 logistics workers who have been involved, over the last few months, in harsh struggles for fair salaries and rights. Workers from many different sub-contracted logistics companies in the Bologna area marched to protest against Granarolo and Coop, and against the cooperatives which are the primary contractors in moving the companies’ goods.

They claim that the fired workers were amongst the most active during the strikes and struggles of the last months, and that this is the reason for the companies’ decisions. Forty workers were fired from the Granarolo warehouse after the 15 May general strike in the logistics sector, under the pretext of the perishability of goods. Granarolo says that milk and fresh products are perishable products, so their movement is an essential service that cannot be interrupted. This decision is supported by the 1990 law which goes by the name of the “anti-strike law”. For the workers, this is an attack on the right to strike.

In the Granarolo warehouse, the workers are struggling against a cut of 35% to their wages “due to the crisis”, making their pay fall to 700 euros a month. In Coop’s warehouse they are also struggling against the company and the contracting cooperative which are both trying to make them accept lower wages and worse working conditions.

Photos here by Radio Città del Capo

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