[en] Murder attempt inquiry to be dismissed over G8 facts in Genova

Mark Cowell is a British journalist who went into coma after being beaten by the police in Diaz school in Genova, during the 2001 G8 meeting. The public prosecutors declared the aggression to which Cowell was subjected as “brutal” and “potentially lethal”, so much that the accuse definition is “murder attempt”. Despite the seriousness of the accuse, they had to ask for the inquiry dismissal, as they clashed against a real code of silence inside the police, which prevented them from finding the offenders. As the inquiry went on, prosecutors were faced by “the will to hide the facts and the responsibilities” in order to preserve what was perceived as the “honour of the institution”.

The end of the inquiry over Mark Cowell murder attempt is the impteenth scandal around the abuses perpetrated by the police during the 2001 G8 in Genova, in a climate of impunity and violence that led to the murder of Carlo Giuliani, to the tortures in Bolzaneto barrack and to hundreds of wounded and arrested.

As the offenders investigation approaches to an end, Marc Cowell will probably become the first G8 abuses victim to get an economic compensation. It’s an important step on the symbolic plan, he says, but the dismissal of the penal inquiry is undoubtedly a defeat for the Italian justice. The public prosecutors identified twenty policemen who were at the Diaz school or who were in charge of the operations that night. Despite that, prescription will probably clear the accusations.

This news has never reached the national media in Italy, and it just gained the attention of few local and leftist newspapers and websites.


– text [it] Altreconomia
– text [it] Website of Rifondazione Comunista Party local section of Genova

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