[en] Servirail and Ferrotel workers in protest

Saturday the 21st of January in the morning “Mobilitiamo Messina”* a committee composed by trade unions, political and social organizations mainly but not only of left wing overtones organized a demonstration for the right of public transport, both locally and nationally.
In particular they claim that Fs (Ferrovie dello Stato), the national railway service, has chosen policies that disadvantage Southern Italian regions. A proof of this is the plain reduction of the number of trains that connect Sicily to the rest of Italy. According to the data presented to the media, only four years ago, there were more trains and destinations, and about two thousands seated places each day more than now. The organizers also claim that the Fs industrial plan 2011-2015 calculates that only 2% of the the total investments will be spent in Sicily.

Dipendenti Ferrotel (via tempostretto)

This defection provoked also the termination of contracts for 800 workers of the nocturne lines, 85 of them are from Messina’s area (Servirail workers).
Moreover, workers from Ferrotel, another service linked to Fs, are concerned about the end of their redundancy fund expected for the

end of this month. Both the categories are maintaining a permanent pickett on the first binary of the railway station.

The committe is composed by the following organizations and associatio

ns: Api, Associazione L’Altra Città, CGIL, CAN, Circoli Socialisti, Circolo Walter Tobagi, Comitato Pendolari dello Stretto, Confapi, Dimensione Trasporti, Fast. Fe

d. Dei Verdi, Idv, Lega Autonomie locali, Lega Coop, Officina delle Idee, Orsa, Pd, Rifondazione Comunista, Sel, Ugl


– [it] text Tempostretto (local newspaper)

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