[en] Fincantieri workers occupy Genova airport and strike in Palermo

300 Fincantieri workers – many of them on redundancy payment – have occupied Genova airport this morning, to protest against the lack of a convocation from the state institutions to discuss their future and against the reorganizational plan decided by the company for Sestri Ponente boatyard.

Fiom union is carrying forward the protest in contrast to the other two unions involved in the trade dispute, Fim Cisl and Uilm. Taxi drivers in the airport have expressed their solidarity to the workers by striking for two hours. The workers have stated their intention to occupy the airport and to block the flights until they won’t obtain a meeting with Corrado Passera, Minister of Economic Development.

Meanwhile, in Palermo Fincantieri workers have striked for the third day, demonstrating in the city. They too are protesting against the company industrial plan that will lead to 140 dismissals and to the redundancy payment for two years for 470 workers over 505. During the last days they have blocked the most important city roads and the station.

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[en] Fincantieri boatyard workers on protest in Sestri Ponente

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  2. Ligia Archila Serrano says:

    La justicia debe imponerse en el mundo en cuanto a equidad e igualdad de oportunidades para todos. ES RESPONSABILIDAD SOCIAL DE LOS ESTADOS Y LA BURGUESIA MUNDIAL

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