[en] Protest against Trenitalia in Tiburtina station in Rome

The inauguration of the new TAV station Tiburtina took place in Rome Monday 28 November. Inside the station President Napolitano, CEO of trenitalia Moretti and many other VIPs; outside some hundreds of protesters, coming from different groups.

There were the NoTAVs, students protesting for the waste of money taken from public school, a local committee, worried for the huge number of passengers expected and the absolute lack of infrastructures to host them, workers of Trenitalia’s controlled companies loosing their job due to the policy of the company – which involves shifting more and more passengers from night trains to TAV’s lines, that require less staff – and the families of the victims of the railway accident happened in Viareggio in 29 June 2009, asking Trenitalia to spend money for safety of workers and the passengers, instead of using it for high cost services like TAV.

No protester was allowed to get into the station. A huge police force alignment blocked the demonstration a few hundred meters from the station. Many protesters reported the embarrassment of the police forces to face the families of the people who died in Viareggio, but the embarrassment didn’t stop them from using violence to prevent them from getting inside the station, where all the official media were listening to Napolitano and Moretti speeches.

In the end protesters had to give up and get back to their homes, underling the still growing distance between poeple’s request and politics and economics answers.


– video [it] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_cmrCjPvLg
– video [it] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxaw_Ab1iHw
– text [it] http://www.controlacrisi.org/notizia/Conflitti/2011/11/28/17755-vagoni-e-blindati/


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