[en] The No-F35 demonstation in Novara

Saturday 12 November a demonstration against the construction of F35 fighter bomber planes (technical description here http://www.nof35.org/doc/scheda%20tecnica.htm) in Cameri (a little town near Novara) took place in Novara. More than 2000 persons once more went into the streets around Novara (100.000 ad, halfway between Turin and Milan) to show their disagreement with the decision to build war weapons, and to buy about 100 of them, with an extimated official cost of around 50.000.000 euros for each plane ( but other sources state that this amount has to be doubled).

The decision to build and buy the planes traces back to 1996, when the Minister of defense was Andreatta and the Prime Minister Prodi, and all the center-left governments since then pushed for this solution, more that the right.wing ones. Decisive steps have been made by Dalema government in 1998, and the final agreement dates to 2007, during the last Prodi government.

The reasons of the opposition includes both pacifist and economical claims, with the latter becoming more and more important as the italian economical crisis emerges with more evidence. For these reasons three parties (‘Left, ecology and freedom’, ‘Federation of left’ and ‘5 star movement’link ) have joined the 12 november demonstration. As a result, this persusaded the ‘No-F35 permanent assembly’, the organization sustaining the protest since the beginning, not to take part in the march, because members of the first two parties were both part of the government which signed the agreement.

sources :
-text [en] Cost and Malfunction of the F35 (WIRED.COM)

-text [it] Design, Testing, Producion and Malfunction of the F35

-text [it] No F35 website

-video [en] No F35 demonstration in Novara

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