[en] 11.11.11 protests in Bologna end with three occupations

The results of the 11.11.11 protest demonstrations in Bologna are something that the city had not seen in many years: three different new occupations now have born in the very centre of town, claiming for the right of the people not to pay the high price of the crisis.

The first occupation took place Thursday already, when some local activists of the Disobbedienti movement (a leftist movement deeply rooted into the no-global Italian history) occupied an abandoned market just a few meters away from Piazza Maggiore, the central square of Bologna.

The Disobbedienti movement formed an alliance with the Sel party, led by Nichi Vendola, to try to become part of the next Italian parliament. Nichi Vendola recently stated that his party is not opposed to an eventual “technical” government guided by Mario Monti, probably one of the most powerful Italian man in the international financial institutions and trustworthy person of the biggest banks and corporations. This position from Disobbedienti made many other movements move away from their initiatives.

Timeout, a group of different realities such as students, culture, and lgbt movements, occupied an old abandoned cinema giving directly onto Piazza Maggiore and now wants to transform it into a community centre which can be a base to organize an anti-crisis resistance. Meanwhile, a group of leftist students occupied the humanistic university, building a third active nucleus.

During the 11.11.11 day, four rallies blocked the city, starting from the high school students march in the morning and ending with the university students protest in the evening. And while students are opening new spaces in the very centre of Bologna, outside it, where the factories are, 130 Bonfiglioli workers are guarding their plant gates since weeks, to avoid the dismantlement of the machineries.

Sources :
– text [it] The guarding of the Bonfigli plant goes on
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