[en] Police repress student’s protest in Rome

The 3rd of November a students protest was planned in Rome. The demonstration has been named ‘Take the streets, take the future’ and opposed both Italian government measures against the crisis (which heavily involve public school) and the prohibition of paradas decided after the 15th October incidents. The protesters (students from 14 to 20 years old, many thousands for the organizers, about 200 for the police) were walking nearby Tiburtina station, when police forces kettled them in a square in front of the station. Students tried to move and continue their march toward La Sapienza university but they couldn’t find any free passage. Police forces continued their kettleing strategy for about three hours during which they also beated some of the protesters and arrested 10 of them, most of them underage.

Before kettling the students, police forces gathered a list of the names of all the students who did not attend classes and school majors provided names of students without questioning the legality of such a procedure.

At about 3 p.m. the students finally received the authorization to leave the square in front of the station, but only after having been filmed one by one for identification. Once they got out, they reorganized the rally, went to the police station where the arrested were kept and stopped the traffic for about half an hour, until all the 10 protesters arrested were released. The march then moved to its original destination.

Many years have passed since police asked for lists of students not attending classes to keep files on them. Moreover, this is the first time Italian police uses kettling as a strategy to block demonstrations. Considering current political instability in Italy, and institutions attitude against any type of protests emerged in the last month, the facts just described demonstrate an increase of repression by Italian authorities scared about mounting social discontents.

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