[en] October 23rd: NoTAV demonstration in Susa Valley

No-TAV committees call for a demonstration on sunday october the 23rd in Susa Valley. The declared intention is to cut the fences installed nearby the small town of Chiomonte, in order to host the police forces which have to protect the upcoming works for the Turin-Lyon railway. In fact, it is worth to mention that until now, despite of the official statements, no building activity has started yet, and the point where excavations have to begin is still outside the fences. (here a map http://www.notavtorino.org/images-02/cartina-recinz-al-24-8-2011.jpg, the violet area is what nowadays stands inside the fences, the point “C” is where excavations have to begin).

Futhermore the fences also lack in building authorization, and for this reason, from a formal point of view, they should be considered illegal. No-TAV committees also highlight that the cost of the police camp amounts to 90.000 euros a day, and that this resources (about 1 milion euros since june the 27th) are obtained through financial cuts on sanity and pubblic school.

While all the politicians mark the form of the protest as too radical, NoTav committees point out that they have come to this choice after twenty years of indifference to their claims from the institutions.
The organizers assert the pacific nature of the movement and of its demonstrations (this one in particular is explicitly inspired by Ghandi’s march of salt). This statement has become necessary after Roberto Maroni (Minister of Internal Affairs), speaking at the parlament about the facts of october 15th, expressed his anxiety for possible new “terorist actions” in Chiomonte. This anxiety is very widespread in Italy in the last days: a manhunt to catch the supposed responsibles of the incidents during the 15th october demonstration is still ongoing, even using the net to identify the rioters. This hunting has already led to ridicoluos – and dangerous as well – facts, because everyone who has been seen nearby the incidents or wearing a helmet (as many of the associations internal security have done) is considered an aggressor. Even most of major italian newspapers are involved in this hunt, and many support the hypotesys of a “NoTAV bloc” involved in incidents.

NoTav committees denounced that Minister’s and journalist’s words are intended to portray as criminal the whole movement. In the last days an interview with Alberto Perino, one of the movement’s spokepersons, has been significantly distorted by “la Stampa”, one of the most important italian newspapers. A statement from Perino has been changed from “We will be beaten, as always” to “We will occupy the building yard” (“la stampa” in a later article wrote that the journalist had heard “lo prenderemo” instead of “le prenderemo”, and had supposed Perino was talking about the building yard, but the audio of the interview, linked below, is very clear ).
In the same interview, answering to accusations for the July 3 events, Perino states that the throwing of rocks against the police started as a reaction to the massive use of CS gas against protesters (“You have to try to stay inside a tear gas cloud, only then you can talk about beeing shagged of or not”) and points out that civil disobbedience is not a violent action (“We usually do not take violent actions, but cutting the fences is not a violent action, and those fences are illegal”).

Resources (ita):
(video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwUSvNx0rcA

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